Titane R roofing burner Cat. No. 150RL400

Reference 150RL400
Designed for all roofers looking for a product compatible with the famous Raptor handle (Cat. No. 660), this TITANE R burner (Cat. No. 150RL400), with its 400 mm neck tube and 150 kW of power at 4 bar, is an essential part of the Cat. No. 75101 TITANE R roofing torch.
With its Titan'Express burner (Cat. No. 150T), made of utlra-powerful and ultra-tough titanium - the material of space exploration - this roofing burner provides the lightweight design and handling needed for outdoor work that demands accuracy and a consistent flame.
This product is available at your usual Express distributor.
  • Power (BTU/h - 58 psi) :


  • Length (mm) :


  • Nozzle diameter (mm) :


  • Consumption (g/h) :


  • Weignt (lb) :


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