Steel Roofing Torch Cat. No. 5503/10

Reference 5503-10
In order to make entry-level sets available to the widest possible number of roofing professionals, Guilbert Express has developed a range of steel roofing torches that includes five models, along with 50 and 100 kW burners and neck tubes of various lengths.
This steel roofing torch Cat. No. 5503/10 is an entry-level roofer's torch that is easily identifiable and can be used for a very wide range of applications.
This set contains a handle Cat. No. 605WR, a 100 kW burner, a 500 mm neck tube, one hose Cat. No. 963/10 and a 4 bar propan regulator Cat. No. 684.
This roofing torch combines ease-of-use, high performance levels and comfortable operation for the user thanks to its ergonomic handle, providing excellent value for money.
  • Burner diameter (mm) :


  • Power (kW & BTU) :

    100 & 348000 at 58 PSI

  • Neck tube length (mm) :


  • Weight (g) :


  • Gas flow (lb/h) :


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