Cartridge blowtorch for plumbers Cat. No. 342

Reference 342
This new Express blowtorch, an exclusive Guilbert Express product, offers plumbing professionals a reliable tool and superb value for money.
Equipped with this gas blowtorch and its Cat. No. 555 gas cartridge, which features a European-standard valve and can be fitted and removed with no loss of gas, users can work for nearly 100 minutes non-stop!
Brazing copper pipes up to a diameter of 14 mm is no problem with this tool.
It can also be used to unjam oxidized metal objects and light barbecues or all types of flames.
The Cat. No. 342 gas blowtorch is well-suited to a variety of everyday jobs.
With its built-in rotatable stabilizer stand, your 342 blowtorch can be handled in complete safety.
  • Power (kW) :


  • Autonomy (h) :


  • Type of flame :


  • Weight (g) :


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