Butane Gas Torch 5300

Reference 5300

Butane gas torch Ref. 5300: multi-purpose butane soldering torch and butane blow torch

With the launch of its 5300 multi-purpose butane soldering torch and butane blow torch, Guilbert Express again proves that a product can be simple, while simultaneously having a multitude of very varied uses.
This innovative butane gas torch was designed by the engineers of our research and development department of Guilbert Express to provide simplicity, versatility and ease-of-use that are truly astonishing.

For after all, what use is a highly sophisticated product that serves no practical purpose?

The 5300 butane blow torch can be used not only as a butane soldering torch, but also for many other applications such as burning, heating, de-burring, de-icingor paint stripping...  Indeed, this butane gas torchis so flexible it can even be used in agricultural and livestock environments, for example to singe off pig hair.
And, do you know what...? This adaptability makes it simply priceless! Well, not quite, there is of course a price to pay... one of the lowest in its category.
Just ask your usual local retailer. We think you’ll be surprised!
  • Power (kW & BTU) :

    13 kW - 44357 BTU

  • Temperature of flame :

    1400-to 1850 °C - 2500 to 3300 °F

  • Gas fow (g/h) :

    1000 g/h - 2.2 lb/h at 1.5 bar

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