The new 364 roofer soldering iron: at last you can work
with total freedom!

The new 364 roofer soldering iron: at last you can workwith total freedom!
Delivering 1.3 kW of power at 2 bar and a heating temperature that rapidly reaches 600 °C at the end of the tip, this all-new roofer soldering iron is a superb portable tool.
It removes the need for the hoses and gas cylinders required for conventional roofer soldering irons, for jobs such as roof repairs or inspections. This makes it an essential companion for the range of conventional Express roofer soldering irons.

Ideal for finishing jobs, the new Express 364 hoseless roofer soldering iron provides users with 70 minutes of non-stop operation, allowing total freedom of movement around the roof to perform the required work. Featuring a Piezo ignition that can be changed by the user in a matter of seconds as standard, the new Express 364 hoseless roofer soldering iron is a valuable tool for all roofing professionals.

Also available in a metal case (Cat. No. 6364), this hoseless roofer soldering iron is equipped with 15% propylene/butane/propane gas cartridges (60 g) with a foam barrier Cat. No. 444, enabling the tool to be pointed downward as soon as it is lit.

Its textured "soft touch" ergonomic handle offers excellent handling, which is important given the amount of time professional users spend soldering. The knob is flush and has a high resistance in order to limit the risk of unwanted adjustments. Its design also features an adjustment indicator for even greater accuracy.

There's also great news for roofers who spend a lot of time outdoors: the quality of its French manufacturing and its turbo tip mean it can be used in very tough winter conditions and in temperatures as low as -8 °C!

Lastly, the very low noise level of the Express hoseless roofer soldering iron further improves user comfort.


As with all Express products, this exceptional tool is available at your usual Express distributor.

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