RAPTOR R roofing burners

Many of you wanted to benefit from the simplicity and reliability of the Raptor torch, previously designed for flat-roof and raised-edge applications, and the power of the Titan'Express ranges with their impressive performance levels.
However, until now, you had to choose between the various existing Express products.
Cat. No. 1027 or 1029, 1045 or 1055: these tools have earned the reputation of the Raptor gas torch on all work sites where they have been used. With self-maintenance pushed to the limit, including interchangeable nozzles, Piezo ignitions and burners, everything has been designed to enable operates to select the best configuration for the job at hand.
On the other hand, the Titan'Express roofing torch range offers incredible performance levels… The Titane R burners presented here are well and truly the "missing link" between these two product ranges.
It is now possible to fit the new Titane R burners on your Raptor safety handle Cat. No. 660 and purchase a set of four products supplied in a carrying case. You can purchase the Titane R Piezo roofing torches Cat. No. 75100, 75101, 75102 and 75103 at your usual Express distributor.
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