Organisation’s social commitment

Guilbert Express, a family business on a human scale, understood early on the importance of involving everyone in the process of adding value.
In this process the organisation’s employees are naturally at the forefront and form the very essence of the organisation’s efforts in this field.

They are the reason why Guilbert Express has considered aspects such as the difficulties involved in carrying out specific tasks and has designed ergonomic work stations in close collaboration with an outside ergonomics expert.
Its mission? To continually improve working configurations for everyone as production techniques evolve, in order to improve the day-to-day working life both of operators and of administrative staff.

Through the principle of task rotation everyone can learn to use new skills and if needed act in a training capacity whenever the use of previously acquired skills is involved.

Therefore it was no accident recently when this policy was rewarded by a prize awarded to Guilbert Express by the Caisse Régionale d'Assurance Maladie d'Ile de France for its policy of improving working conditions.

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