Commitment to quality

In 1989, Guilbert Express showed the same energy in its commitment with the launch of a “Quality Plan”. Its aim of offering products to users with ever-increasing levels of safety and performance was especially warmly welcomed not only by end-users but by the entire sales network, wholesalers and retailers.

Guilbert Express was then the first European manufacturer to place the CE mark on blowtorches.

Since then the organisation has achieved ISO 9001 certification (2008 version) transforming the existence of a quality management system into a significant axis for growth.

Achieving this standard meant that not only could Guilbert Express assure the quality of its products, it was also a guarantee of the organisation’s ability to design the best possible products for tomorrow’s markets.

Because Guilbert Express acts as the Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor of its own products, it is much easier to ensure that quality is controlled throughout production.

An Express product is a product which benefits from a unique know-how and which is designed to serve the end user for many years.

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