Roofing torch Raptor Cat. No. 1027

Reference 1027
Discover this outstanding new product by Express. See and judge by yourself!
Lightweight with less than 500g, to avoid repetitive strain injury, the roofing torch Raptor is quick and easy to set up with its interchangeable burners of 30 kW and 70 kW at 58 psi (provided) and its quick fitting for connecting the torch in just one click!
Raptor, the Express Roofing Torch, has a safety handle. What does it mean?
The roofing torch is turned off when the roofer releases the trigger. So, there are no more residual flames, which are often the reason why fires start on construction sites!
And turning the torch off means stopping the gas consumption… which implies saving money and reducing CO2 emissions!
The torch’s noise levels are very low.
Switched on with its piezo ignition, the flame technology from Raptor helps to keep the temperature of the burner moderate.
Ultra powerful thanks to its targeted flame, this new product is specially dedicated to sills/ledges mode.
  • Weight of the burner 30 kW (g) :


  • Weight of the burner 70 kW (g) :


  • Gas flow with the burner 30 kW (Kg) :

    2.58 at 58 psi

  • Gas flow with the burner 70 kW (Kg) :

    5.22 at 58 psi

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