Roofer hoseless soldering iron 364

Reference 364

The essential roofer soldering iron!

The roofer hoseless soldering iron, Ref. 364, is ideal for finishing work. It has piezo automatic ignition and is the essential tool for the professional roofer.
Suitable for zinc, copper, stainless steel, zinc with patina, lead.

It is supplied with a turbo tip, Ref. 778, specifically for severe conditions (wind, rain, cold). The tip is orientable through 360° and can be angled ± 5° for easier working. The iron is also supplied with a butane/propane cartridge, 60 g, Ref. 444.

This roofer torch is very quiet and its many users consider it to be the best roofing tool on the market!

This roofer hoseless soldering iron can also be obtained in its own metal case,

with 2 gas cartridges, Ref. 6364.


Express brand products are used by many professionals working in the roofing sector
Contact us for the price of this roofer soldering iron!
  • Power (in kW) at 2 bar :

    1,3 kW - 4400 BTU at 29 PSI

  • Gas consumption at 2 bar :

    94g/h - 0.21 lb/h at 29 PSI

  • Max. tip temperature (°C & F) :

    600 °C - 1110 °F

  • Endurance (min) :


  • Weight (g & lb) :

    1230 - 2.706

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