Raptor roofing torch Cat. No. 1055

Reference 1055
Following on from the 30, 70 et 90 kW Raptor torches, sold until now in carrying cases Cat. No. 1027 and 1029, many roofers wanted to use Raptor technology in a product designed for work on flat roofs. 
This is now possible thanks to the new Express product Cat. No. 1055. This tool combines the classic Raptor torch, currently used by a large number of roofing professionals, with a specially designed curved burner (Cat. No. 1160), providing 160 kW of power.
The Cat. No. 1055 Raptor roofing torch is still very lightweight, and with just under 650 g at arm's length, it has demonstrated its contribution to the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
As fast and easy to use as ever thanks to its quick-release coupling and nipple Cat. No. 911, ergonomics and quality balancing, this tool is a pleasure to use. Following testing sessions, many professionals have stated that it "represents significant progress in applying quality bitumen covering".
Like all previous Raptor tools, the Cat. No. 1055 Raptor torch has a safety handle that switches off the torch as soon as the roofer releases the trigger. This means no more residual flames that have caused far too many outbreaks of fire on work sites.
For a tool of this type, the sound level produced is irreproachable. Despite the impressive power it delivers, the measured sound level is just 81 dBA, making it comfortable for the user to work with.
The automatic Piezo ignition means that users no longer need to bother keeping a lighter handy, and the Raptor torch's design makes it easy to perform self-maintenance such as changing the gas nozzle or Piezo ignition Cat. No. 42305.
As with all Express products, you will find catalogue number 1055 at your regular dealer.
  • 1160 burner weight (g) :


  • 160 kW burner gas flow (kg/hr) :


  • Flame length (mm) :


  • Flame diameter (mm) :


  • Total weight of Cat. No. 1055 (g) :


  • Sound level (dBA) :


  • Power (kW and BTU) :

    162 kW - 553000 at 58 psi

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