PREMIUM Roofer's Holder Cat. No. 9645

Reference 9645
That's how roofers describe this set Cat. No. 9645, which has been one of the most successful Guilbert Express products at the beginning of 2018.
This holder comes with a salmiak stone Cat. No. 9641 to clean roofer soldering iron tips made of copper, a space to hold a spare salmiak stone on the back, a container for the chosen flux and a specially designed holder for the flux pot cap, as well as a brush for the technician to apply flux to the metal parts to be assembled.
A space has also been provided for holding tinning paste Cat. No. 852 and you will find plenty of tips in the technical data sheet that can be downloaded from the Documentation tab below.
  • Length (mm) :


  • Width (mm) :


  • Height (mm) :


  • Weight (g) :


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