New electric heat torch Cat. No. 2010

New electric heat torch Cat. No. 2010
It is also a universal tool as it can be used to well all types of thermoplastic materials.
It is lightweight and enables professional and efficient welding of the highest quality.
It operates with a 230 V supply and has a heating capacity of 1500 W, as well as a totally reliable electronic adjustment system that can withstand temperatures of up to 700 °C.
The collector's carbon elements have a long useful life, which can reach up to 1500 hours. They are also equipped with a switching device and can be replaced several times.
The heating element's air-cooled hose can be used with various nozzle types:
Cat. No. 20101: 20-mm flat nozzle
Cat. No. 20102: 40-mm flat nozzle
Cat. No. 20103: 20-mm flat elbow-nozzle
Cat. No. 20104: 40-mm flat elbow-nozzle
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