Environment and Industry, Guilbert Express - not promises, but action!

Eager to contribute to socially responsible companies, Guilbert Express has taken the decision to place each time it's possible,all its printing requirements with a PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified printer and ISO 14001 certified.
Being a PEFC certified organisation is not a trivial commitment and involves meeting many requirements including, in particular:
- vigilance relating to the provenance of paper and more generally to products with a reduced environmental impact.
- sorting and selecting methods for the recycling of waste as well as reducing waste
- the isolation of hazardous wastes in suitable containers in order to prevent any accidental overflow or spillages
- control over electricity consumption and savings in water use
- training and involvement of personnel in order to encourage responsible behaviour towards the environment.

Guilbert Express places all its printing with a PEFC certified printer.

For Guilbert Express, this is a natural and entirely logical approach. It forms part of their “know how” in terms of environmental commitment which the organisation has chosen to become involved in a concrete way.

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