Express throughout the world

Exports, much more than a tradition at Guilbert Express

In the 1920s the founder, Léon Guilbert, was exporting his products to the French colonies as well as to a number of European countries such as Belgium and Italy.
Based on this experience, at the end of the 1930s Guilbert Express set up a department that was concerned solely with exports. For Guilbert Express globalisation was already a reality!

Today a quarter of the company’s turnover comes from exports.

Exports of the brand’s products has more than doubled in ten years, with Europe and the North American markets largely predominant.
Through its worldwide network of distributors and agents, Guilbert Express has a presence in over thirty countries in five continents, even in markets which are considered to be difficult ones, like North America and Japan. In each country, Guilbert Express has managed to adapt to specific national requirements (gas cylinder connectors, regulators etc.) and take the local culture of the country and professional users’ requirements into consideration.

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